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Stergiopoulos Petros

Petros Stergiopoulos received his Diploma in Flute Performance (classes of D.Fotopoulos and U.Ruettimann) from the Conservatory of Athens with magna cum laude in 2002. After his degree in Journalism (1996) his interest is dedicated to investigative Musicography specializing in Greek history of Flute performance. As a professor of Flute & Chamber Music he holds a versatile and long experience in Flute pedagogy in both Public Secondary Education and Private Music Schools. His freelance appearances, both as a concert soloist and as a member of chamber-music ensembles, are focused on performances of 19th c. rare flute repertoire.

As a member of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi R&D department his research is focused on pilot ICT methods for teaching non-electronic (non-electric) musical-instruments in remote areas that encourage Music as a live-performance art. As a streaming-media coordinator specializing in music-education-linkcasts he has been working on the idea of musical ‘sympraxis’ using live interactive environments.