The Global Science Opera (GSO)

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GSO is a global creative education initiative made possible through digital interactions. GSO is a network of scientists, art institutions, schools, universities, and projects, in all of the inhabited continents. GSO exists at the meeting point of science and art, of pupils and scientists, of all human cultures, of research and practice. GSO is the first opera initiative in educational history to envision, create, produce and perform science operas by and for a global community through real-time live streaming. Join us!

GSO got its start during UNESCO’s International Year of Light 2015. It was a collaboration of the European Commission’s CREAT-IT project with other European and global initiatives such as Write a Science Opera (WASO), Global Hands on Universe (GHOU), RESEO, and Galileo Teacher Training Programme (GTTP).

2015 Production: GSO’s first production, «SkyLight», was endorsed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) as an official project of the International Year of Light 2015. The scientific concept was provided by Dr. Rosa Doran. It was performed during World Space Week 2015 as a collaboration with Lunar Mission One.

Skylight poster large_FINAL

2016 Production: The second Global Science Opera production, in 2016, will be «Ghost Particles»: Higgs Boson, Neutrinos, Photons. The Scientific concept was provided by Dr. Sofoklis Sotiriou (EA, Greece), and is supported by the art@CMS programme at CERN. GSO2016 will be a collaboration of the European Commission’s Horizons 2020 Project CREATIONS and the Norwegian Research Council’s Project «iSCOPE«. The performance will take place in November, 2016.

The SkyLight premier performance:

Video (SkyLight GSO official promo):

Video (SkyLight GSO statement by European Space Agency Astronaut):

During 2015, Schools, universities and art institutions in 35 countries within the Galileo Teacher Training Programme ( and Global Hands on Universe (GHOU) collaborate to create and perform a Science Opera inspired by Cosmic Light together, providing a platform for creative science learning as well as cross-border friendship and Cooperation.

Award-winning space and nature photographer Babak Tafreshi will provided the original artwork for the SkyLight poster.

«SkyLight» has been presented at the European Planetray Science Congress in Cascais, Portugal, and the Royal Institution in London, England, during Lunar Mission One’s event, by Associate Professor Oded Ben-Horin.

The performance of «SkyLight» took place in the 35 involved countries simultaneously in October, 2015, and coincided with the final conference of the CREAT-IT project (

«In a time when our world governments seem to be not acting very carefully or rationally, it is so important for projects like Skylight to come to fruition! To me, «SkyLight», if I might take a verbal liberty here, is a fantastic example of «Crowd-Sourced World Peace and Cooperation.» That is, you have discovered a way of using the Internet for all people on our planet to work together to inspire, educate, and lift us all above our self-imposed limits and oppression by others. Certainly one of the spiritual foundations of Global Hands On Universe and the Galileo Teacher Training Programme is that all Earthlings learn to work together to study the stars.»

Professor Carl Pennypacker (University of California, Berkeley), Principal Investigator of Global Hands on Universe

Countries involved in «SkyLight GSO»:

Australia, BelgiumBrazilCanada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Holland, IndiaIndonesiaIran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Morocco Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Principe, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia, Spain, Srilanka, Turkey, UKUSA and Zambia.



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Credits for SkyLight GSO 2015:

Project Manager – Oded Ben-Horin (HSH, Norway) \ Concept – Oded Ben-Horin (HSH, Norway) and Petros Stergiopoulos (Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece) \ Scientific concept – Rosa Doran (Galileo Teacher Training Programme, Portugal) \ Hosting of SkyLight premier: Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece) \ Leader, Program for Culture and Creative Pedagogies (K-Ped) – Magne Espeland (HSH, Norway) \ Narrators – Andrea Volbers and Oded Ben-Horin (HSH, Norway) & Petros Stergiopoulos (EA; Greece) \ Production Manager (Streaming) – Constantine Mylonas (Greece) \ Production team – Petros Stergiopoulos (Greece), Science View (Greece), Oded Ben-Horin (Norway) \ Pre-production team – Oded Ben-Horin (Norway) and Petros Stergiopoulos (Greece)\ Staging Support – Pernille Elimar (Opera in the Middle, Denmark) \ Costume Design for Main Characters – Write a Science Opera (WASO) EEA Grants project, Portugal \ Rehearsal Managers – Oded Ben-Horin (HSH, Norway) and Petros Stergiopoulos (EA, Greece)  \ Rehearsal Online Conferencing Manager – Petros Stergiopoulos (Greece) \ SkyLight official Promo-Video created by Constantine Mylonas \ SkyLight official Promo-Video concept by Constantine Mylonas, Menelaos Sotiriou and Oded Ben-Horin \ PR support: Svein Ove Eikenes, Vilde Lunde, Andrea Volbers (Norway) \ Logistics support: Andrea Volbers (Norway) \ Technology support: Gidi van Liempd (Holland) and Vegard Anuglen, Svein Ove Lysne, Elen Instefjord, Svein Bjarne Brandsgård, Ragnhild Alice Steinsland (Norway)