Touching Sounds: Exploring Aesthetic of Music Technology in Early Childhood Education.

Prosjektet, Touching Sounds, Exploring Aesthetics of Tactile Music Technology in Early Childhood Education (TouchMusT), har oppnådd prekvalifisering i Norgesnettuniversitetet sin 2014 søknadsrunde med tanke på oppstart i 2015. Prosjektet er tufta på etablert samarbeid mellom HSH, MIT og New York University i USA. Siktemålet for prosjektet er formulert slik:

The objective of the project «Touching sounds: Exploring Aesthetics of Tactile Music Technology (TouchMusT)» is to explore new and innovative digital technologies, e.g. «Makey Makey», for aesthetic learning processes in pre-school teacher education. This technology is very different from any other digital technology we previously have explored, because it makes its users engage with physical objects and surroundings instead of computer screens or tablets. “Makey Makey” is developed by the renowned MIT Media Lab.

The intention of the suggested project is to cooperate with MIT Media Lab and New York University (Alex Ruthmann: in the use and adaptation of this technology to pre- schoolteacher education programmes. The «Makey Makey» is a low cost (49$ per set) and easy-to-use technology.

A full introduction to the technology can be found at the website: The cooperation in the project will take place in physical meetings with the expertise from New York University and MIT Media Lab. We will also use our eCampus tool Adobe Connect for discussions and updates between physical meetings. The majority of our meetings will take place in the first semester of the project.