In Creation

In Creation prosjektet er et internasjonalt samarbeidsprosjekt som er under utvikling

IN Creation: Inclusive Creative Practices in Educational Contexts: Designs, development and deliveries. 


The main aim of this project is to study and describe the processes of inclusivity and creativity found in arts based practices, and to initiate and develop design principles and learning outcomes for the implementation of inclusive creative practices in a broad range of educational contexts. Our two overarching concepts inclusion and creativity are widely agreed to be fundamental to the development of future-sensitive competences in young people.  Our focus will be to study how the creative and imaginative resources of all young people can be developed and channelled through inclusive educative practices.


The project is anchored in the priorities and developmental research strategy of the Faculty of Teacher and Cultural Education at Stord/Haugesund University College (SHUC) and will be integrated in SHUC‘s master programmes in Creativity and Learning and ICT in Learning (see attached document from SHUC leadership and the methodology part of this application for more information).  Professor Magne Espeland at SHUC will be project leader. A major national partner institution will be the University of Bergen and master programmes, doctoral programme and research school connected to the Faculty of Humanities, and Grieg Research School of Interdisciplinary Music Studies (GRS). Dr. Jill Halstead, leader of GRS, will be the project’s research leader.

Major international partners will be University of Illinois, through Adjunct professor at SHUC, Liora Bresler, the University of Exeter (professor Anna Craft, Dr. Kerry Chappell and Dr Margo Greenwood), Goldsmiths, University of London (Simon Deacon), Queens University, UK, (professor Ruth Leitch) and the University of Twente, (Dr. Susan McKenney.) An international advisory Board consisting of experienced researchers from University of Georgia, US, University of Lund, Sweden, University of Roehampton, UK, University of Bergen and London-based creativity consultant Andrew Missingham, will support and give advice in the project.

It is the purpose of this project to carry out a sequenced and systematic research and strategic development programme for the staff involved at Stord/Haugesund University College by involving them in a growing international research community connected to education research at SHUC. Examples of related ongoing research activities are SHUC projects “Improvisation in Teacher Education” (IMTE 2013- 2015, NFR) and Creative Approaches to Inquiry Based Science Teaching (Creat-It, 2012 -2015, Comenius). A very important aspect of developing the research culture and strategies of SHUC is the increasing inclusion of active international researchers and a continuous building of international research relations connected to the theme of creativity in educational practices. The intention is also to connect 4 PhD candidates to the project, 3 at SHUC, Norway, and 1 at University of Exeter, UK,